Health Vault

this is a library that can be used to write applications in Java that use the HealthVault servers. It does not implement all the functionality that is present in the HealthVault .NET API libraries, but does provide a framework in which that support can be implemented.

“With HealthVault, users control their own health records, so they can share their health information with family, friends, and health care professionals, and have access to trustworthy”

Healthvault login page can be invoked from here:

Healthvault Config URL –>

From under Direct Messaging:

“Applications that use Direct Messaging integration to send CCDAs to HealthVault for Meaningful Use purposes, must register an application in the Application Configuration Center, enable Meaningful Use on theMethods tab, and associate their sending Direct Messaging domain with the application ID on the Meaningful Use tab. When the application is ready to be configured in the HealthVault production environment, contact to start the process.”



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