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Clones of Big Table on Cassandra

  • Written in: Java
  • Main point: Best of BigTable and Dynamo
  • License: Apache
  • Protocol: Thrift & custom binary CQL3
  • Tunable trade-offs for distribution and replication (N, R, W)
  • Querying by column, range of keys (Requires indices on anything that you want to search on)
  • BigTable-like features: columns, column families
  • Can be used as a distributed hash-table, with an “SQL-like” language, CQL (but no JOIN!)
  • Data can have expiration (set on INSERT)
  • Writes can be much faster than reads (when reads are disk-bound)
  • Map/reduce possible with Apache Hadoop
  • All nodes are similar, as opposed to Hadoop/HBase
  • Very good and reliable cross-datacenter replication

Best used: When you write more than you read (logging). If every component of the system must be in Java. (“No one gets fired for choosing Apache’s stuff.”)

For example: Banking, financial industry (though not necessarily for financial transactions, but these industries are much bigger than that.) Writes are faster than reads, so one natural niche is data analysis.

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